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    Talent Development

    Establishing the Team of Talents

      Establish and implement plans for establishing the team of professional and technical talents, and systematically study and deploy the development scale, potential standards, methods & means of training, schedule of development & training program, examination & selection, allocation, performance appraisal, incentives & constraints, and dynamic management of the team of professional and technical talents. Make rational allocation of human resources, and improve the service efficiency of human resources. Innovate and perfect the mechanisms for evaluating, selecting, using, motivating and guaranteeing talents, and create a sound institutional environment for the development and best use of talents.

      Find out the present status of the team of highly skilled personnel, and formulate and implement the establishment and training program for highly skilled personnel. Make systematic arrangements for the needs, means of training, schedule of development & training program, etc. for highly skilled personnel.

    Developing Education & Training Program

      Establish management measures for education and training of employees, and carry out systematic, standardized and scientific management of education & training for employees. Get and use training funds in strict accordance with regulations. Make effective and full use of training funds and resources, and take education and training for employees as an investment behavior of the Company. Diversify the training channels for talents to meet the needs of professional and technical talents for continuous study, tap employees’ potential, and fulfill the development objectives.

      Design training materials by levels of personnel, and set up training courses in different levels and categories on a key point-focused basis based on job requirements and employees’ needs for trainings to comprehensively improve their quality and competency potential. Develop phased training programs, carry out follow-up academic education in a planned manner, and optimize the cultural structure of the employees. Enhance the training and appraisal for skill development, develop phased development & training programs, upgrade the skills in batches, and optimize the skill hierarchy of employees.

      Intensify the continuing education for professional and technical personnel, and improve their overall quality. Attach importance to the qualification for professional competency and position certification and employment.

    Improving the Incentive Mechanism for Talents

    Establish the performance assessment criteria and evaluation methods for professionals and technicians.

    Developing Education & Training Program

      Motivate employees to shift from equal results to equal opportunities, and strive to create a level playing field; amply reward the employees who make outstanding contributions; severely punish the employees who cause grave losses; offer fair and accurate incentives and keep strictly the rules for reward and punishment; try to be fair in respect of issues such as pay rise, promotion, award appraisal, and excellence selection relating to the employees’ vital interests, including the measures for implementing the annual salary system for managerial personnel, the study and research on ways to combine short-term incentives with long-term incentives, and the establishment and implementation of the subsidy system for professional and technical leaders; combine material rewards with spiritual rewards, and reward with punishment; maximize the incentive effect through various effective motivation skills. Design career channels for employees to effectively support the promotion system and career planning within the enterprise; set up the promotion channels for technical and managerial talents, and realize the motivation of employees; guide employees to align personal goals with organizational objectives.