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    Sharing Economy

    Since the Era of 4G, the mobile Internet technologies and applications in China have progressively topped the world. The mobile payment represented by Alipay, the mobile social network service by WeChat and the mobile travel by Didi go to the forefront of the world along with the network construction of the three China-based major telecommunication operators. Sharing Economy - a new term, came into being.


    • Stable Data Transmission

      4G module network offers stronger signals, and its 100 Mbit transmission capacity guarantees the stability of data transmission.
    • Secure and Reliable

      The data transmission for sharing economy involves such key data as users' personal details, charges payment and earnings; the network information in data transmission is turning into a focus that people pay more and more attention to. Technically, Longsung Technology established dual protection based on the transport layer and application layer, thereby ensuring the secure and reliable application data.
    • Excellent Cost Performance

      Longsung Technology seeks sustainable innovation and open cooperation with partners based on customer needs. The Company hammers at providing competitive ICT solutions and services to telecommunication operators, businesses and consumers etc., continually improving customer experience, and creating maximum values for customers.
    • All-around Services

      Sunsea AIoT integrated the communication terminals through the acquisition of Longsung Technology and SIMCom; by buying into Ayla Networks and establishing Ayla Sunsea, Sunsea AIoT deployed its existence in the Cloud, and clearly defined its "Cloud + Terminal" based strategic IoT layout, having provided the most comprehensive service and support regarding all products, software, solutions, management, operations and maintenance at device terminal, Cloud terminal and platform terminal for customers in the IoT industry segments.